At Terra Nova Steel, we have built and kept customer relationships that work. That's one of the reasons our customers keep coming back.

We maintain our customer data-base and use our computer network to relay product specifications directly to our computerized burning machines. This allows us to deliver consistent product that always meets expectations.

We're committed to using the latest technology. We use plasma and oxy-fuel burning capabilities, which allows us to cut complex parts and varying steel sizes. Our two HDXD Hi-Def plasma machines and three multi-headed oxy burning tables gives us the flexibility to burn plate up to 10 inches thick, 10 feet (or 120 inches) wide, or 76 feet (or 912 inches) long.

We offer our customers many benefits.

  • We keep detailed customer and product records, enabling us to deliver consistent product that meets expectations.
  • We take the time to know our customers and we understand how to meet their standards.
  • We're flexible. We start our days early, and we're here late. We know many of our customers work the same way, and we want them to be able to talk to one of us when they need to.
  • Our customers have different ways of showing us what they want. That's why we will convert sketches, PDF, and AutoCAD Files to work with our systems. We know what they need, and we deliver it on time.
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