As a steel manufacturer, we are happy to service a wide range of industries ranging from construction to manufacturing and beyond. Our three decades of experience have enabled us to develop the skill set to help a multitude of:


Trailer Manufacturers

Whether it is light, medium or heavy duty trailers, we provide steel for all types of trailer models ranging from recreational to commercial including utility, car & equipment, tilt, dump and enclosed trailers.


Structural fabricators

This industry is responsible for the manufacturing of products of many different shapes with a variety of different uses. Ranging from storage to pipe supports, underground tank guard rails, caged ladders, secondary containment pans, door landings, tankform and plant walkway systems, loadingdocks and more, structural fabricators rely on our services for their production needs.


Sawmill and Lumber handling equipment manufacturers

Companies that work in the lumber industry produce numerous different types of machinery including bandmill systems, bin sorter systems, boiler feed systems, bulk material handling, disc screens, edgers, grading stations, high speed chip screens, log reducers, optimized board edger systems, vibrating conveyors and twin saw systems. We are proud to help this important industry thrive in our economy.


Heavy equipment manufacturers

From agriculture and farming, to bulldozers, excavators and more, our team works to provide top-of-the line heavy equipment manufacturers with the caliber of steel they need for their products.


Mining Equipment Manufacturers

Our clients manufacture mining equipment for gemstone, minerals, metal processing and earth moving. Equipment manufactured then goes on to provide technical services for mining project planning, mining exploration, mining development and exploitation. This large industry requires uses our readily available technicians for quick turn around times and solid expertise.



Our steel has been proudly used in large quantities of construction projects in the form of T beams, rails, bars, rods, plates and more. Structural steel is a popular choice for structural uses due to its high strength to weight ratio and long lasting durability.

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