"If we need something, we've got it.

Terra Nova provides goods at competitive prices, but they offer more than that. They understand our needs. When we've really been under the gun, they've delivered in as little as 24 hours - which is unbelievable in our industry. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs custom steel profiling."

Gerry Coil, Coil Manufacturing

"We have a great partnership with Terra Nova. They're friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable - and they've earned our business by responding to our unique needs."

Adam Thompson, Delta Valve

"Terra Nova Steel has excellent service. What I appreciate most is the fact that they are flexible. When I need parts in a rush, they bend over backwards. One of our biggest problems is that we need prototypes really quickly, and they are able to deliver.

They also have a great deal of expertise. I get them to handle my 'oddball jobs' - the tough requirements that not a lot of people can get.

I recommend Terra Nova without hesitation - as a matter of fact, I do so on a daily basis."

Paul Ellery, Ellery Manufacturing

"We've dealt with Terra Nova Steel for about 25 years. They have the product line we require and people who are always ready to accommodate. Great service, great people.

Onorio Reginato, Bridge Machine

"We're always up against tight timeframes. You can't have nasty surprises at the eleventh hour - and you never get that from Terra Nova, because they absolutely meet their deadlines.

I trust Terra Nova, and that's a big issue when your butt is on the line. They have all the bases covered: competitive price, knowledge of what you want, competent people, and the ability to get the job done properly."

Gene Galbraith, Empire Iron

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