A new way to do steel:
Our job is to get you the steel products you need, when you need them. Our fully stocked product offering will help you accomplish any steel plate or steel manufacturing project. We guarantee customer service and quality results, every time. Contact us today to experience a different way of handling your steel product needs.
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Superior Value. Superior Service. Superior Steel.

Over the past 30 years, Terra Nova Steel has provided a wide variety of custom steel plate products across North American from our plant in Delta, BC. We pride ourselves on the fact that despite being a large operation, we keep a small company feel by coupling modern technology with our commitment to customer service and extensive industry knowledge.

We have always strived to strengthen our partnerships with suppliers and build long-lasting relationships with our customers. Specializing in carbon and alloy steel plates, we offer custom services to tailor orders to fill the unique needs of our clients from AutoCAD image to finished product.

Our technicians are trained and experienced in creating unique and accurate products to fit the unique needs and scale of your project. We have developed strong relationships with steel mills internationally to be able to offer you the most value for your dollar.


If we need something, we've got it.
Terra Nova provides goods at competitive prices, but they offer more than that. They understand our needs. When we've really been under the gun, they've delivered in as little as 24 hours - which is unbelievable in our industry. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs custom steel profiling.

Gerry Coil, Coil Manufacturing

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